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Kupariteollisuuspuisto offers a variety of jobs, from administration to production. The prerequisites for working at the site include 18 years of age, a valid occupational safety card and an upper secondary education certificate (at the least). Some of the jobs require a forklift and crane operator license, a hot work license or other qualifications.

Each year, approximately 250 employees are recruited to Kupariteollisuuspuisto companies for definite and indefinite periods, with half of the recruitments concerning summer help positions. Summer workers in the production sector are mostly technical education students, and students in qualifying fields of study are selected for clerical posts. In addition to summer help, the industry park recruits staff from various fields, including production workers, maintenance workers as well as Summer Work Practice Program trainees. Annual recruitment rates may vary depending on, for example, production volumes and employee turnover.


Rights and obligations

Kupariteollisuuspuisto employers and employees have both rights and obligations. An employer has the right to direct and an obligation to comply with applicable laws and industry-specific collective agreements. The Employment Contracts Act, Act on the Protection of Privacy in Working Life and Personal Data Act as well as other related laws play an important role in recruitment. These laws protect the employee. The employees’ obligations include professional confidentiality and diligence, and employees are also under a loyalty obligation.


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Employee stories

Arttu Klemola

Aurubis Finland Oy

Production Planner

A worker at Kupariteollisuuspuisto since 2016.

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I am a production engineer from Ulvila. I have finished a degree on mechanical engineering and production technology at the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. Right after graduating, I started working for Aurubis Finland Oy on a fixed-term contract. I had worked at Aurubis during the previous three summers as a welding machine operator. First, I worked as an assistant operator, and later as the main operator. I was able to include my summer work as practical training in my degree, which was great. My fixed-term contract as a welding machine operator started in March 2016, and two months later, I was offered a permanent position. In October, I became a manager, in charge of production planning, and that is what I do today.

In short, my work includes the preparation and planning of production systems and work instructions, optimisation of material use, and accepting new orders in our database system. As my work shifted from production to planning, it gave a whole new perspective on the production process and its scope. I suddenly realised that I am now the person who plans the products and instructions which I used to prepare and follow as a production worker. I work flexible hours during the day, which allows me to run errands on workdays as well. And what’s best, all evenings are off!

Aurubis is a great place to work. I am very happy to work for Aurubis, they provide great colleagues, good work conditions and opportunities for self-actualisation. I’m happy to go to work every morning.

As an area, the Copper Industry Park is very interesting and well organised. There is a great deal of cooperation between companies, which enables a strong production chain, from source materials to a finished product. The demand for copper grows more and more every day, and new uses for copper are invented all the time. I am glad to be part of making the metal of the future and excited to see what kind of innovations we can achieve with it!

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Ville Leppänen

Boliden Harjavalta Oy

Machine Operator / Loader / Tank House Worker

Worker at Kupariteollisuuspuisto since 2003.

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I’m guessing no child says they want to be a metal refiner when they grow up. After comprehensive school, my path led me to the Pori Institute of Technology to study metal technology. Eventually, I transferred to an economic school where I completed a 6-month program. After the economic school, I ended up in Niinisalo, where I completed one year of military service. I ended up in Boliden Harjavalta through an apprenticeship training. I started my career in an apprenticeship group in early 2003. The first two years in Boliden I worked at the industrial park in Harjavalta, but when an opportunity presented itself, I transferred to the company’s electrolysis plant in Kupariteollisuuspuisto, where I still work today. Alongside work, I have also studied, for example, at Murikka in Teisko, Tampere, and occupational safety is close to my heart at the moment.

Kupariteollisuuspuisto is at a suitable distance from my home, and the area’s long and rich history makes the site a unique place to work. The community sense in Satakunta is beyond comparison, people care with a capital C. Through long careers in the work community, the community has become an important source of positivity and motivation.

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Jani Koivuluoma

Cupori Oy

Mechanical Engineer / Electrician

Worker at Kupariteollisuuspuisto since 2007.

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I studied at the Kokemäenjokilaakso Vocational School, where I finished a degree in electrical engineering. I have previously worked in the industrial park in Harjavalta, where I worked at ABB for about 4 months.

Here’s how I ended up in Kupariteollisuuspuisto. When I was in school, I completed four months of practical training in the tube factory, which eventually led to a summer job. So I became somewhat familiar with the machinery and the factory. Soon after I got a job in Harjavalta, I received a phone call, asking if I was interested in a summer temp job at the tube factory. After temping, I was offered a permanent position as a 3-shift electrician. I did my work well during practical training and the summer, which is probably why the employer thought to offer the position to me. And here I still am.

It’s hard to say anything about the site, because I’ve always only worked at the tube factory. But the best thing about Cupori is great co-workers and an excellent factory team.

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Mari, Metso

Mari Lindgren


Chief Technology Officer – Materials Technology

A worker at Kupariteollisuuspuisto since 2004.

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I am one of the more experienced workers in the Metso Research Centre. I wrote a doctor’s thesis on materials technology at the Tampere University of Technology, and I ended up as a research engineer at Metso a little by chance. So I moved to Pori, where my family also grew over the years. I have worked in various positions in the field of research and development, and in recent years, I have also had a managerial role.

My work is multifaceted and challenging. Together with the team, we solve the company’s and customers’ materials technology-related challenges regarding, for example, material choices or damage situations. Work may include reading relevant literature or doing experimental research where elements and effects are examined with laboratory tests. Every day offers us a chance to develop our knowledge and expertise.

The Metso Research Centre is an expert organisation at the top of the field worldwide. Laboratories, research equipment and test factories provide a unique opportunity for research. The operating environment is both local and global, as customers and partners are found around the world.

The consumption of metals will increase as the standard of living in poor countries improves, so their production will require technology which imposes less burden on the environment. It is great to be part of developing such technology.

As an environment, the Copper Industry Park is an interesting combination of history and high technology. Many companies operating in the area are leaders in their field.

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Kati Männistö


Head of Group Financial Control

A worker at Kupariteollisuuspuisto since 2016.

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I was first introduced to Kupariteollisuuspuisto when I worked in financial administration for Outokumpu Poricopper in 1997–1999.

I have graduated from the University of Turku with a master’s degree in economic sciences. After graduating, I moved to the capital region for work, and I stayed there for 15 years. For the majority of the time I worked for two large industrial companies. I worked in group accounting and reporting at Outokumpu Group, and later, I became a business controller in one of Kemira’s business segments, working in the field of financial planning and monitoring.

I moved back to Pori in 2012 with my family, and worked as a business controller in the social and health sector for a while. In 2017, I started working at Luvata, which led me back to Kupariteollisuuspuisto. I work in financial administration, taking care of the group’s accounting and reporting. I am also the supervisor of Pori’s accounting team.

The best thing about my current job is versatile and changing tasks, great co-workers and the company’s international operating environment.

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