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frequently asked



How large is Kupariteollisuuspuisto area?

The fenced area is approximately 100 hectares in size, including parking lots.

How many companies operate in Kupariteollisuuspuisto?

There are 7 production companies (Aurubis, Boliden, Cupori, Luvata, Metso, Turun Kovakromi and Upcast). In addition, several support service companies operate in the area as well. All in all, the area employs 1,400 workers.

Is it allowed to photography or videotape in the area?

Photography and videotaping is not allowed.

Where do I leave a car during visit?

There is a parking lot just front of Kupariteollisuuspuisto info. Please follow the parking signs.

Where do I leave a car during a brief work performance?

When you work in the area, please leave a car  to a parking lot near by Kupariteollisuuspuisto info. Please follow the parking signs. You do not need a parking permit. Please notice that parking lots for visitors are for visitors only.

Why are visitors transported to the area by car?

Safe movement in the area requires knowledge of the industrial site and its busy traffic. Trucks, forklifts, and delivery and service vehicles operate in the area, and a train also runs through the industrial park. The safest way for a visitor to move in the area is with a driver who knows the area.

Are employees also transported in the area?

No. Employees usually move by foot or bikes available in the area. Employees leave their cars to the parking lot outside the area.

How many kilometres are driven by the on-site hybrid cars in a year?

Approximately 18,000 kilometres.

Why are visitors not allowed to walk to a site if they are familiar with the area?

Conditions and routes may change between visits. The 24/7 security service drivers are best informed of the prevailing conditions and safe routes in the property.